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Although the exact date of the construction of the house is not known, local records indicate that Marbella Cottage is over 100 years old. The house was left abandoned and rundown after years of neglect until a local family, the Bradley-McCarthy family, purchased and completely restored it. The house is the most common type in Bonavista featuring a steeply peaked roof otherise known as a “Steep Gable”.

The name Marbella comes from the word "mar" - the Latin word for ocean and "bella" - the Latin word for beautiful… Our Beautiful Ocean Cottage. The Cottage has an understated elegance with a private outdoor garden and an in-house sunroom ideal for reading and relaxing and storm watching. Outside, the cottage is perched in a private area ideal for outdoor picnics, sunset and ocean gazing. With the ocean right outside the doorstep, it’s easy to sit and breathe in the oneness that surrounds Marbella Cottage or even walk along the town’s quaint fishing harbour towards the city centre to visit the local pub. Marbella Cottage is undoubtedly welcoming, uplifting and inspiring.





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